Monday, June 12, 2006

Trolling for more good news - Rambus Inc. -Updated

After being taken to the woodshed last week by Treasured Reader, I am making a conscious effort to look for good news to post . . .

1) Fred Hager remains bullish on Rambus Inc. Although the near term value of Rambus is volatile, we view the stock as very undervalued. You will have to pay Mr. Hager for the really good stuff - sorry. Hat tip to Mr. Hager et al.

2) Sony Playstation 2 is out-selling Microsoft Xbox 360 in the U.S. reports. One of the sales charts from the article linked here at Hat tip to Joe of the Pinehurst Thread for the link.

3) Any Donkey notes that option contracts for June will be expiring at the end of the week. Yes, that is "good news" for those in the misery-likes-company crowd.

Update 10:51 6/12/06

4) Maybe Rambus Inc. will acquire another licensee by merger - ATI. Rumors continue to circulate about a possible AMD-ATI merger/acquisition.


Anonymous said...

If you are looking to post "good news", consider how "good" it is that Rambus does not have to pay for any public relations -- they have none.

Anonymous said...

My dear Mr. Donkey:

You are having a 'go' at the smile department. Nice work. I knew it was there somewhere.

This market is 'tough' for all of us, at least the LTL's, and no less so for the Rambus Crowd.

You believe, or you don't believe, in which case you skedaddle (hey, how about that word?). No business in the market if you can't handle the heat, and boy oh boy, it is some kind of H O T right now.

Persevere my friend. A "TR".

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