Friday, June 09, 2006

Rambus Inc. - Positive News

A Treasured Reader wrote (in part):

I (obviously) love your "Treowth".........How about just a little more positive stuff..........there is some you know, if you look.


Okay, here goes:

1) Treasured Reader informed me that she added more Rambus to her portfolio this week. As a shareholder of Rambus, I appreciate buyers. As a friend of Treasured Reader, I am concerned for her health - sanity, blood pressure . . . just kidding.

2) Rambus is having Case Management Conferences today in Judge Whyte's courtroom with Micron Technology, et al., Hynix Semiconductor, et al. and Samsung Electronic Co., et al.

3) Rambus sponsored a "carbon coffin." (Pictured above and linked here.)

Oaky . . . that's a start . . maybe Linda will share some of her options with me?

Hat tip to autoblog for the photograph.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for your concerns regarding my medical health AND being a RMBS LTL...That seems to be all okay, considering some of the other factors that are mine. The real concern on my own part is for my own sanity, but that has always been a factor of mine as well!

I do know that "The Power of Positive Thinking" has taken me further/farther than I ever dreamed of in my life, and no time to stop now. (Something about teaching an old dog new tricks?)

Hat tip to you "Mr. Donkey"

jester said...

You folks are THE best! Thanks and BE well! Thoughts have wings.

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