Monday, February 20, 2006

Song of the day

With Rambus, all you can do is ..................

"Take It As It Comes"

by Steve Winwood (1986)

Steve Winwood -- Back In The High Life


Empiricum said...

Sounds like a theme song shared by ROBBING HOOD and his gang.

Empiricum said...

For those who are new here in Treowthland, ROBBING HOOD himself does not live in a forest, although a part of his gang (the lumber companies)call it home. He temporarily resides in a big money-making laboratory with large flasks, funnels and a powerful vacuum operated and managed by technicians. He suckers the poor and enriches the super rich!

The gang's battlecry is "STAY WITH THE AGENDA, ROBBING HOOD!"

Empiricum said...

What's next with ROBBING HOOD? Will he outsource and sell also the control and management of the Port of Long Beach / San Pedro, California, Seattle and Alaska to the North Koreans? And national parks will be next? He might as well cede and deed Yellowstone National Park to "gfy" so he does not have to go to Texas to hunt! And who knows, "gfy" might be able to twist and awaken the super volcano in that park situated right in his backyard.

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