Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ernie is going down*

Stock Alert

NAS:RMBS 27.90 ( 4.00%) (06:56 AM) below yesterday's closing price.

Prices delayed. Confirm all data with your broker before trading.

*With apologies to Gary Larson.


Empiricum said...

Very bad week in Rambushire... so bad that I am seriously thinking of selling it free and clear but without the Seal. What do you say, Jester?

jester said...

Sire, I'm still looking for the seal and will do so long and strong. Do stay for the fun!
p.s. I have read all your posting here. Kudos!

Empiricum said...

Jester, thank you for your response and, more importantly, your advice which eases my agitated state of mind a great deal. On this basis, instead of completely leaving Rambushire out of disgust, I will keep one foot in for strategic purposes and the other foot out to keep my sanity.

I truly believe that for a small company that has not attained a certain degree of finality in its quest for justice, the stock options granted to its executives is egregiously excessive not to mention the timeliness and recurrence of its exercise after every quarterly earnings reporting period. It spells G-R-E-E-D and it stinks to high heavens!

Going once, going twice.....

jester said...

Keep your sword and shield at the ready Sire for as you have noted there are lots of varmits in the land.

Empiricum said...

On guard!

Excalibur remains razor sharp and the solid tungsten steel shield is mirror like shine... all thanks to you, Jester,.... and Turtle Wax.

Thus, bring on all the varmits or varmints, the snoopy dogs and the 2-brained monsters of the world here on Treowthland and I will be lying in wait... all thanks to Any Donkey for giving me room and board as I go on with my journey --- (altho the accommodation may not remain forever free because oat meal is getting more expensive due to inflation.)

Where is Guen and Lancy? The CB is missing!

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