Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Rambus - another insider "diversifies"

Ramboids just want to get it over with. Insiders sell and Rambus share price drops and continues to drop.

David G. Mooring, Rambus Director reported that he diversified, well, six times over the last few days. Director Mooring put in place a Rule 10b5-1 trading plan last November. Blame it on The Plan. Blame it on Rio. Blame it on President Bush. Whatever.

Mr. Mooring, a fine gentlemen, hard worker and all around good guy - I assume - exercised and sold 243,800 options. Mr. Mooring netted, before taxes, a tidy $4,981,042. Yup, Mr. Mooring can spring for the beer at the annual Rambus shred party.

Rambus will report next quarter that Mr. Mooring's diversification cost Rambus 4.9 cents per share.

Come on insiders, dump, dump and dump some more and simply do get it over with.

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