Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jacyln McElligott snags a personal best

Women's Cross Country: The Norwich University women's cross country team raced to an eighth place finish at the WNEC Invitational in a 20-team field.

Ramboid Jacyln McElligott (pictured below on the left) clocked a personal best at 20:58 (15th place overall) on the 5,000-meter course.

Jacyln's proud father - The Wizard of Pinehurst, reminds Donkey that he has predicted Rambus would settle with the thieving cartel about 2070 days in a row now.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jaclyn you should be thanking your father for your RMBS holding, hold those shares tight as they could be worth any where from $150K to as much as $0.5M!! In the next year or two!!

ARLTR (ask your dad what that means)


Jackie said...

Wow, thanks for the congrats...

I will ask him.

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