Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Who impacted the direction of your life?

As I headed out the door this evening, I challenged my Peeps via Twitter to list three individuals not related to them who had made an impact in their life. Then I wondered who I would list and why?

Only three - that is too limiting. At the risk of offending all those not listed:

Elementary School:
Miss Achenson - taught me to read (not to spell, likely slaughtered her name).
Mr. Bobst - made learning fun.

Junior High:
Kevin Wasson - friend.

High school:
Fred Miller - provided opportunity.
Walt Pontynen - challenged me to challenge assumptions.
Frank K. Richardson - affirmed my education & career goals.

Wayne Judd - so many reasons. 
Wayne's Niece - made a couple years of school fun.
Rick Galer - friend.
Russ Squier - friend.
Wayne Koval - showed compassion and worthy of listing twice.

Wil Kramer - provided opportunity.
Bob Liston - provided opportunity.
Ordell Calkins - showed me an alternate path.
Francis Carr - showed me door number 2.
Robert K. Puglia - so many reasons.
John Latini - friend.
Don Fowler - friend.

The last 20 years are for another time.

Where are they now:
A couple I see regularly.
An email friend.
A friend who calls when it is an emergency.
A friend I'd like to see more often.
A friend who sends Christmas cards with photographs.
A friend who has drifted away.
Four deceased.
The rest have drifted out of my life without a trace.

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