Saturday, September 27, 2008

Social networking, a jumpstart

MySpace, Facebook & LinkedIn.

Social networking - seems like everybody is doing it.  If you aren't, you might be slipping into the nobody zone. 

My daughter spends time "Myspacing". Her computer is a virtual jukebox as she bounces from one friend's MySpace to another, each with their selected music that reflects the MySpacer's personal taste and mood. MySpace is the domain of the young, creative and early adopters.

I am too old, not nearly creative enough and missed the early train for MySpace. My elder brother, dean of a university engineering department, MySpaces

The most popular social networking platform is Facebook. I am approaching 50 years of age and just this week I received a request from an aunt (add the appropriate number to my age) asking me to accept her as a Facebook friend. This aunt, I see once every other Thanksgiving and at funerals and weddings. She has discovered Facebook and is networking. 

My serious networking friends are LinkedIn. I want to be seen as serious, I too am LinkedIn.  

Find a social networking platform that fits you and start collecting social contacts beginning with your family and friends. 

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