Thursday, August 28, 2008

Water police, so wrong!

Another clue that population growth in California is out of control screamed from this morning's local fish wrap - The Sacramento Bee - "Folsom cracks down to cut water use 20%". Today, via snail mail, a postcard announced "ALERT! FOLSOM ADOPTS STAGE 2 WATER ALERT".

Here come the water police. Water only three days a week - even street numbers on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and odd on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and only between 10 p.m. and 10 a.m.

Now that is a flippin pain. I have to program the timers - no clue where the manuals might be residing. Stop laughing, my Blue tooth hasn't been turned on for my cell phone and yes, my car clock and running watch are an hour off - but not for long!

We Folsomites like our water - a reported 381 gallons per capita or more than double the state average of 164 gallons per day. Really now, we live next to a lake. Folsom has water rights the reach back to creation.

Don't worry about my leaking faucet. Simply plug the porous border.

You say global warming. No, just a few million too many people decided to make California their home and nobody bothered to worry about what they would be drinking.

A couple PC solutions:

1) Call and request a water audit (916) 355-72752. Just who exactly willingly subjects themselves to an audit?

2) If it ain't brown, don't flush it down. Indeed, I remember when Jerry Brown, aka Governor Moonbeam, was governor of California. That was about the time that weekly news magazine reported on the coming glacier age.

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