Friday, August 29, 2008

Rambus Inc., knock, knock

Is the Public Relations Department on holiday?

That is the question shareholders have been asking with the continuing silence in Los Altos following the en blanc denial of rehearing the US Court of Appeals handed the FTC this week. The FTC and their persecution of Rambus Inc. that commenced in the summer of 2002 with the filing of an Administrative Complaint.

Rest assured, the PR gang lives and works:

Rambus Donates Computers to Palo Alto schools (8/28/08)

And earlier in the week Qimonda Volume Production of Rambus XDR™ DRAM (8/26/08)

The FTC denial? It's on the Rambus Inc. site -found on the litigation update page under the FTC tab. No press release. No public dancing in the streets. Maybe bargain pizza and Costco beer for the remaining troops following the announced downsizing? Judge Whyte, you read about that didn't you?

Perhaps somebody is telling Harold Hughes to gloat quietly and maybe the whole mess will just go away . . . lost in the presidential election and subsequent shaking.

Yup, it is time for change in Washington.

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