Friday, August 15, 2008

Wall Street Journal - do you subscribe?

I don't for a couple reasons:

1) I am cheap - many good articles find their way to me for free;
2) I feel pressured - am I missing something when I don't read the paper timely; and
3) I am cheap.

Included in my pile of junk snail mail was an envelope that was clearly advertising from The Wall Street Journal. It was addressed to a client care of Any Donkey. Toss it? Forward it? Open it? What to do? Give it to my assistant and let her deal with it!

The phone rang and while I carefully listened to the caller, I opened the mail. What a deal! Focus on the call . . .

Client is being offered a "Professional Rate". Just what exactly makes one "professional"?

Savings Details:
Print & Online Rate $576.50
Customer Savings -477.50
Postage & Handling 00.00
Total $99.00

Does anybody actually pay $576.50. If so, they should be offended because the WSJ is available for $89.00 in print form and $99.00 for both print and online.

Yup, the venerable Wall Street Journal stoops to sleazy advertising. The "Professional Rate" is no special deal at all.

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