Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Judge Whyte, my broker called

And asked me if I really still thought I'd be a zillionaire by 2010 and laughed. I threatened to move my account if he didn't lay off and we both laughed.

Seriously, it is easy for me to be impatient with the seemingly snail-paced justice that eeks out of The Honorable Justice Whyte's chambers.

Collectively, millions have evaporated from the accounts of friends over the years in eroding Rambus calls.

That sucks.

Several Ramboids have died waiting.

That sucks.

August, 2008 is nearly 1/2 history and we wait.

That sucks.

Is it JW's fault?


JW is one man with a couple staff attorneys battling dozens "of record" lawyers and multitudes more back at their offices, representing tens of millions of dollars in legal fees and billions of at risk dollars.

It will happen and I will call my broker. I will laugh. I will threaten to move my account and we will both laugh - me from my belly and my broker from his sinuses.

Donkey did his thing and I grabbed a stick and took a reading . . . JW will enjoin Hynix in layers. No stay. CAFC will need some time to peel the onion of JW's treatise and while they read, sip their tea and play chess to clear their minds, Hynix will fall to its knees.

And I will laugh.

And I will cry as I remember those who have passed.

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