Sunday, March 30, 2008

Products or message?

Harold Hughes, CEO of Rambus Inc. once told a shareholder to buy Coke if he didn't like the fact that he doles out options like a drunken sailor to his employees - claiming he didn't know how else to run a high tech company on the bleeding edge (my paraphrase). At the time, Coke with in the upper $40's and Rambus was in the upper $30's.

Coke has slipped over $60 and Rambus is in the low $20's - this despite Rambus scoring a recent major (colossal) legal victory. Why does Rambus flounder? Is it the product or the conveyance of the Rambus story?

May 9, 2006, market close:
Coke: $48.04
Rambus: $37.46

March 28, market close:
Coke: $60.94
Rambus: $22.75

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