Thursday, November 08, 2007

It is true - Rambus & Intel

. . . but they only admit to talking.

Why would Intel admit that?

Folsom, an Intel Town, has no shortage of those with opinions about Rambus Inc. Not even a shortage of those willing to share them with Any Donkey without stating "you can't blog about this, please!"

Here are some - in no particular order . . .

Hughes is calling in a marker.

Intel is actually interested and wants to see what reaction the release generates.

Intel is actually interested and Rambus requires a PR in exchange for in-depth technology review.

Intel is using Rambus - to confuse AMD, annoy MU, test the waters.

Intel is doing something similar to Rambus and Rambus has threatened Intel, who acquiesces and agrees to look at technology and press release.

Rimtel rides again.

Rambus Inc. press release.

X-bit labs spin.

Channel Register.

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