Sunday, October 14, 2007

Penny Herscher, Rambus Inc., Director

Her blog Market Mine "A CEO's view on growing a company and mining the web."

Post on blog mentioning Harold Hughes, Rambus Inc., CEO

I sit on the board of Rambus and watch first hand the tremendous challenges placed on the CEO, Harold Hughes. Today, public company CEOs have to not only manage the company itself, but also manage much more attentive boards, auditors (who are a whole class of issue themselves) and appropriately demanding investors.
First Rain, Penny Herscher, CEO. Clients include: JPMorgan Chase; Pioneer Investments; JPMorgan Asset Management; Williams, Jones & Associates; Johnson & Johnson; Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical; Novartis; Sanofi-Aventis; Avaya; and Motorola

Rambus Inc. biography.

Ms. Herscher's Facebook. Her blog post asking if MySpace and Facebook indicate class.

Executive profile. "She's tough mentally and she's tough physically. She's also smart and hard driving and funny and warm. . .

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