Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bad behavior

Research conducted by the Civility Initiative at Johns Hopkins University and the Jacob France Institute at University of Baltimore compiled a list of terrible behaviors. The top ten follows:

1. Discrimination in an employment situation.

2. Erratic/aggressive driving that endangers others.

3. Taking credit for someone else's work.

4. Treating service providers as inferiors.

5. Jokes or remarks that mock another's race/gender/age/disability/sexual preference or religion.

6. Children who behave aggressively or who bully others.

7. Littering (including trash, spitting, pet waste).

8. Misuse of handicapped privileges.

9. Smoking in non-smoking places or smoking in front of non-smokers without asking.

10. Using cell phones or text messaging in mid-conversation or during an appointment or meeting.
Please, bring call Robocop . . .

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