Saturday, October 27, 2007

80,000 orgasms

I enjoy The Dilbert Blog because Scott Adams is funny. Last week was Red Ribbon Week and Mr. Adams did what parents do, he attended a parent school meeting intended to raise awareness about drugs. Read a snip below. Head to The Dilbert Blog for more. Buy his new book for more yet.

A parent asked why anyone would take meth, given all the downside risk and side effects. One of the policemen answered that meth releases 50 times more serotonin in the brain than an orgasm. Then they showed a before and after picture that looked a lot like this one:
Faces of Meth

So I’m sitting there, doing the calculations in my head: Okay, that’s 4.5 years of meth use, once a day, 365 days in a year, 50 times more serotonin than an orgasm…that’s the equivalent of 80,000 orgasms.

On the downside, your teeth rot out, your skin itches until you scratch it off, you vomit, have withdrawals, possibly burn down the neighborhood, and roll around in your own filth while your life becomes a living Hell. And there is the jail thing.

Still, 80,000 orgasms…

I wanted to raise my hand while the “before and after” pictures were up and ask, “Isn’t that what anyone would look like after 80,000 orgasms?”

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