Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Starbucks, lawyers just over the horizon

I am an addict. I need help and I don't want it. I also qualify as a Starbucks coffee snob - at least in my own mind.

Any Donkey has spent literally hundreds of miles running before work discussing Starbucks. My addiction. My productivity post or without my favorite drink. The allure of Starbucks. The marketing. Why Starbucks is or is not Krispy Kreme. Why I don't sell my Rambus Inc. investment and buy Starbucks stock. Starbucks, Starbucks, Starbucks.

Within that last month, Any Donkey & Greg, my running friend, ran through the dark, headlamps strapped to our heads, discussing the demographics - observed primarily by me as Greg does not share the addiction - of the Starbucks customers. (Greg is thankful to hear me yap about something other than the Rambus saga - although he is financially committed to the Rambus Dream.)

On this particular run I noted I had observed 80-90% of the blender drinks are purchased by females, with the majority of them consumed by teenagers and younger. A clever - insidious - method to hook, yes addict, lifelong customers. Soon to be overweight diabetic customers.

That was my observation. That was a conversation that occupied many miles.

Now Starbucks admits that your kids are part of their corporate strategy. Read more at msn.com and bloggingstocks.com.

Any Donkey predicts unless Starbucks is aggressive in reducing the caffeine and calories in kid popular drinks, the lawyers will someday give Starbucks a headache worse than any experienced by Any Donkey sans iced venti quad three pump soy white mocha.

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