Tuesday, September 18, 2007

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The Register (9/18/07) quoting Carole Handler on Microsoft losing the majority of its appeal against the European Commission anti-trust decision: "The court has upheld a requirement to hand over intellectual property. It suggests that that EU will take a tougher line on Rambus and Intel." Handler also said the decision could have an impact on strengthening US regulation, as could the upcoming US election.

Stronger regulation and who will benefit? Donkey prediction - He who is my President (you supply the acronym), will continue policies that allow foreign and domestic companies to steal intellectual property. The FTC is out of control and (acronym) is responsible . . . the buck stops at his desk.

More from The Register (9/18/07) mentioning that the US Justice Department is "cordially inviting them (Samsung & Toshiba) to a new market-wide price fixing investigation.

"Samsung will cooperate fully with the ongoing Department of Justice Antitrust Division investigation."
Just the cost of doing business. Thieves. Simple thieves.

(Acronym), please do not allow the DOJ settle for nickles and dimes.

And yet more from The Register (9/18/07) where it repeats rumors that Sony and Toshiba are in talks about Sony selling its semiconductor business to Toshiba.

And at IHUB a post about Micron playing politics:

Join me (Steve Appleton) in thanking congressman Mike Simpson and Bill Sali for standing up for Idaho's innovators and technology industry.
Would that be the same Micron as the all American conspiring price-fixing DRAM manufacturer? Thank you Mike and Bill. Your assistance is beyond mention . . . (Acronym), feel free to chime in.

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