Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Rambus Inc., more gas in the tank

United States Patent 7,213,121
Barth, et al. May 1, 2007

Memory device having asynchronous/synchronous operating modes

An integrated circuit memory device comprises a memory array to store data, a circuit to output the data at a pin, and a register to store a value that indicates a mode of operation of the integrated circuit memory device. The mode of operation is selected from at least one of a synchronous mode of operation and an asynchronous mode of operation. During the synchronous mode of operation, the circuit outputs the data in response to a transition of an external clock signal. During the asynchronous mode of operation, the circuit outputs the data after a period of time from when a transition of an external control signal is detected.

Inventors: Barth; Richard Maurice (Palo Alto, CA), Horowitz; Mark Alan (Palo Alto, CA), Hampel; Craig Edward (San Jose, CA), Ware; Frederick Abbot (Los Altos Hills, CA)
Assignee: Rambus Inc. (Los Altos, CA)
Appl. No.: 11/123,931
Filed: May 6, 2005

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