Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Donkey's Mailbag

A favorite faithful LTL Ramboid kindly writes:

AHA, indeed you do seem to be 're-working' the "TREOWTH" blog. As a general rule, a good thing. Refreshing, different, eye-catching, and in this case, REALLY eye-catching. I particularly like that very GREEN eye. I have heard that the green eyed monster is one of extreme jealousy, but who really knows, and for that matter if it could conceivably, in any way, apply to this BLOG ???

Have at it "Any Donkey".......interesting to see you at work. At times I wonder how in the world you can possibly have time to read all of the tomes that you seemingly devour, tend to business (so to speak), and be the family man that I believe you to be. Amazing Sir.

Bravo...................keep on keepin' on............and I shall keep perusing the "TREOWTH" blog. The1st.......whatever.
Thank you BA, you are a gem.

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