Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rambus Inc., the labels she wears

Imagine the executives at Rambus Inc. beginning their workweek standing in a circle, holding hands chanting a childhood rhyme "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me."

Since the beginning of this century, the embattled company has taken on many foes - the DRAM industry, the FTC, and as some describe "a results orientated judge," to name a few.

Rambus has disappointed its shareholders with an estimated $200 million option backdating scandal, by displaying a woeful inability to restate its financial statements and call a shareholder meeting and a CEO who tells shareholders to buy Coke stock if they don't like how he runs the company.

In emails, Any Donkey is told that the "C" suite residents are hard at work. I am told to "hang in there" and asked to be less critical.

Ramboids fear many things - bought and paid for judges and commissioners, corrupt politicians, and corrupt lawyers. They loathe hedge funds and the cone of silence that has settled over Rambus Inc. Deep in their hearts terror reigns as they fear a dark and evil monster, a monster who is so evil that they do not dare mention his name. They lose sleep worrying about this monster. Who is this monster? I dare only hint of his identity. One of California's U.S. Senators is married to monster from this "family."

There, I went and did it. Please pass the Coke.

Now Rambus is conjuring up the memories of a mass murderer. headlines an article "Federal Court Convicts Qualcomm In a 'Son Of Rambus' Lawsuit."

A Federal Court sitting in San Diego, California has upheld a jury's unanimous verdict that QUALCOMM Incorporated abused the standards process by failing to make timely patent disclosures during the process of developing a technical standard.
I think I'll have another.

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