Sunday, April 15, 2007

On the weather front . . .

East Coast Ramboid writes (in part):

This one pumps 60 gallons per minute to an elevation of 15 feet, attached our pool vacuum hose after "forcing" it to fit on the outflow. Unfortunately, this hose comes in 3 foot sections and the pump is too powerful and blows the sections apart.

Two rolls of duct tape later, we're in business. The end of the pool vacuum hose is jammed into another older pool vacuum hose - that's out of the basement window - that's into a 10 foot section of 3 inch PVC - that's into a 20 foot run of 2 inch PVC. We need to get the water as far away from the house as possible . . . water slowly receding . . . it was about 2 inches from the heater at the lowest elevation . . . water is ankle deep at the highest point on the floor in the basement.

A slight break in the rain, but the radar does not look promising.

Hey, but everything is OK,
I own shares of Rambus !

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