Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dear Harold Hughes

I thank you for acknowledging the frustration of Rambus Inc. shareholders regarding the misdated options and restatement. It was a small step down the path to the dark cave into which the shareholders have been kicked.

The shareholders deserve a heartfelt apology from Rambus Inc. We did not approve of the $190,000,000 +/- gift to insiders and subsequent costs. Whether or not criminal charges are filed or the derivative suit(s) pass muster, what was done by insider(s) was wrong.

You are the CEO and the public face of Rambus Inc. Yours is the unenviable duty to apologize, for the misdating and yes, your comment to John Dowd. We shareholders have stood by Rambus. We have had your back.

Do you want to say "I'm sorry" but aren't sure how? I have the answer, or should write, "I know where to find the answer." Let them help you - their help will not make your apology any less sincere. Tell the lawyers that it is important, because it is.

I hope My Bad: 25 Years Of Public Apologies reached your desk.

Most respectfully yours,

Any Donkey

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