Saturday, March 03, 2007

Investors Hub - Rambus Inc.

Noted on site:

Investorshub is moving to a new ISP this weekend. Expect random, possibly lengthy, downtimes Saturday and Sunday.

Investors Hub should be up and running on all cylinders by Monday. Hang in there Ramboids.

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Threejack said...

Hey Treowth,

You gave me a chuckle, thanks. Not sure the iHub board gets much traffic anymore, let alone on weekends. Just a few diehards with too much Rambus stock and too much idle time on our hands :-)

Resurected the iHub board a few years ago so the bashers couldn't claim it as their own. If Rambus doesn't restate its financials soon, may become a basher myself.

Just kiddin'. Sort of. :-)


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