Tuesday, February 27, 2007

News & History

First the news . . .

DigiTimes reports that DRAM spot prices my climb from $4 to $4.5 thanks to Vista:

Powerchip Semiconductor Corporation (PSC) president Brian Hsieh today expressed optimism that the Windows Vista operating system will drive up DRAM prices in the second half of the year.
Strong Wii sales not enough to put NEC in the black. Wii uses NEC memory chips. Personal Computer World reports:

Japanese electronics giant NEC expects to lose almost $250m at its chip making division for the fiscal year ending March 31, much worse than analysts' predictions.
Now the history . . .

Intel to make a $500 million equity investment in Micron Technology. From HPCWire (10/23/98):

Intel said its investment in Micron is part of its strategy to support the development and supply of next generation memory products. Intel also said that it aspires to drive personal computer industry growth by accelerating the adoption of Direct RDRAM, a high-speed memory interface technology developed by Rambus.
HT Pinehurst Joe.

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