Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Former Rambus Inc. VP lands new job

Ira Blumberg joins IPotential after having served as the Vice President of Licensing for Rambus Inc. where he was responsible for creating and executing the company’s patent licensing strategy. During his two-and-a-half year tenure at Rambus, Blumberg structured, managed, negotiated and closed patent licenses with aggregate payments to Rambus in excess of $500 million.

More than a few Ramboids consider Mr. Blumberg's tenure with Rambus Inc. a failure. Intel, Mr. Blumberg's previous employer, did not renew its license. The Infineon license, although in Any Donkey's opinion, quite necessary at any price to neuter Judge Payne, was for pennies on the dollar. Ramboids ask "Where are the mobile phone licenses?"

As Mr. Frog would croak . . . Best wishes Mr. Blumberg, best wishes.

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