Thursday, January 11, 2007

Rambus Inc. & cell phones

Rambus Inc. downloaded pleasing ring tones to the cellular phones of Ramboids when it announced today that Spansion Inc. has signed a five-year royalty based license agreement.

In the Rambus Inc. press release the chief legal officer at Spansion is quoted in part as explaining that now Spansion is able "to expand our memory solutions for cellular phone applications."

Rambus CEO, Harold Hughes has had his eye on the cell phone market (750,000,000 +/- new units each year) for some time. In February 2006 Mr. Hughes proclaimed:

"We have technology that we invented literally 10 to 15 years ago, that is going into just about every mobile phone, so that will be an opportunity for us to find patent licenses."

Ramboids are trusting that notices of infringement have long since been mailed like the leaves of autumn . . .

Hat tip to Joe of the Pinehurst Thread.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Donkey for posting that. I still peruse "TREOWTH" on occasion, but not as often as once. My journey in this RMBS saga is one of finding bullish remarks so to speak ~ Ah yes, the eternal optimist which has of course been very apparent for a LONG time.
I did check you, "Treowth" out earlier this evening, and as is always my fervent hope to see just a glimmer of optimism from "Finz" in his music selections and comments. Oh well ~ to each his own, of course. I will remark here, inasmuch as I have been 'called up' so to speak ~ that I personally think that the Mr. Hughes is doing a pretty good darned job. Wait and see.... No one can EVER conduct anything just as someone else would, but ~ on my list, 'he ain't doin' bad buddy'. I would never attempt what he has had to do, and is doing.
Okay, someone kicked the soapbox from under me..........CIAO
Hangin' in and Hangin' on, Barbara Ann

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