Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Rambus Inc. finding the sweet spot

Harold Hughes, Rambus Inc. President / CEO, as reported by EETimes, spoke on the "IP Model for Next-Generation Design Platforms" in Bengaluru, India. Mr. Hughes noted that Rambus Inc. is positioned for finding the sweet spot of the $50-$60 billion annual semiconductor R & D market.

Why? Because Rambus can deliver a valuable portfolio of intellectual property with engineering services. Also, Rambus is not afraid of hiring flocks of legal eagles to protect its IP and by default, the competitive position of its licensees.

"IP licensing is always difficult," Hughes said. "There will be people who will not pay for IP and legal issues follow. This is an accepted part of the IP business now so companies that stick to mere licensing are on a long road to hope. And while outsourced IP development is growing, success is more likely to come from developing IP and delivering it as a full package to customers.
With pleasure . . . hat tip to Chief Hughes.

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