Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Selling in earnest on the Rambus Inc. horizon?

From Weekly@OptionInvesor.com (10/17/06) [emphasis added]

As the stock struggles to hold its gains, daily volume drifts lower and the primary groups with long-term interests; the institutions and the general public, compete to determine the next trend. When the historical pattern exhibits the first signs of failure, the technicians begin to sell in earnest. Analysts often raise the company's targets to try to bolster the share value but once the issue no longer responds to "good" news, the outcome is all too clear. Finally, the public becomes nervous and as the correction takes shape, closing orders multiply. Sadly, the fundamentalist is often the last to go, generally after a full-scale downtrend is in effect.
A word to the wise . . . the backdating investigation is taking a long, long time.

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