Saturday, October 14, 2006

Maloof Goof

The letter reads in part:

We all know that passionate Kings fans like you are the Loudest and Most Loyal in the NBA. So it is my pleasure to introduce your exclusive, new Kings Season Ticket Holder membership card for the 2006-07 season.

This card distinguishes you as a special member of the Kings franchise and enables you to conveniently secure all of your special privileges as a Kings Season Ticket Holder.
The enclosed card notes "Member Since 1992."

Maybe Maloof Sports & Entertainment will send me a refund for the season tickets I purchased 1985 -1991. During those seasons, the Kings won a total of 194 times while losing 380 games . . . stumbling to a mind-numbing .338 winning percentage.

Perhaps the Maloofs would like to forget some of the Kings' history before brothers Gavin and Joe become the toast on the hardwood in Sacramento.

I sent an email to my "Season Ticket Service Executive" with the posted photograph. I expect the legendary Maloof customer service to kick into gear. Email apologies. Letters. Maybe a telephone call from Joe or Gavin and dinner at the Palms?

Yes, for those who read the fine print, I am outed.

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