Tuesday, September 12, 2006

"Stuart Steele" sells even the quack

[Update: Link repaired]

The news landed in my box, courtesy of Google Alerts . . . Stuart Steele used to say that he sold every part of a duck except the quack.

I read on. Lots about selling ducks and their parts. Even a note about selling the quack sound downloaded from the Internet.

The duck meat is sold raw, cooked or frozen in the company’s range of ready-to-cook products.

The feathers are used to make duvets, pillows and cushions. The gizzards and feet are sold to Chinese markets where they are a delicacy.

The duck manure is turned from slurry into fertiliser pellets and sold to garden centres as an organic soil conditioner and compost enhancer.
Apparently, not the Stuart Steele of Rambus Inc. fame, but perhaps one to be envious of all the same:

He lives next door to Emyvale’s headquarters and beside the shed where his parents started the business.

Living so close to the office doesn’t bother him. ‘‘I know no different,” he said.‘‘I don’t find it stressful.

I enjoy my job. It is not like a job to me. It’s like my left arm.”
You can read about this Stuart Steele linked here.

Hat tip to Google Alerts for the chuckle.

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