Friday, September 01, 2006

Song of the day

RMBS options players don't need to be told they are ............

"Flirting With Time" by Tom Petty (2006)

Tom Petty -- Highway Companion

Submitted by FinzToRite with special thanks to JamesRWood.

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Anonymous said...

Well, since we'll have plenty of time to keep reading you might be interested in obtaining a copy of the Jeong, Borriello et. al. paper of 1987 which Jim Gasbarro mentioned in his thesis. It's suprisingly absent of mention in the 1992 disclosure of the actual synchronization method of Rambus devices to an external looped clock in US Patent 5432823.

Jeong and Borriello are kind enough to thank "J. Gasbarro at Xrrox PARC for valuable discussions and help".

Here's Boriello's patent on application of the feedback stabilized delay line oscillator applied to symbol clock recovery (United States Patent 4,513,427) by Boriello, Lyon and Bell assigned to Xerox corporation:

and here's an earlier "self calibrated" clock and signal generator with separete AFC control of stage delay in a VDL by Bell, Lyon and Boriello assigned to Xerox once again:

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