Friday, September 01, 2006

Amway Dick

A reader has informed Any Donkey that Dick DeVos is running for govenor of Michigan. Dicks sells soap and other things via his Amway business. It is a big business.

Dick, some call him "Amway Guy", is a member of the Republican party. The Democrat party has produced a little video which the same kind reader has forwarded to Any Donkey.

Donkey doubts Amway Guy appreciates the little video which is linked here. Donkey LOL and thought of Ross Perot.

Donkey offers equal time for equal chuckles - Amway Guy, send us a video of Governor Jennifer Granholm.

Hat tip to Treowth Reader who forwarded the video - we won't share your name so that you can have Thanksgiving Dinner with your family . . .

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