Monday, July 24, 2006

Song of the day - Friday

We've had multiple requests for this one for a couple of months. However, a song has to come up on the iPod or on iTunes that day while in random play mode to qualify for Rambus Song Of The Day.

It came up today, but let's set it up properly since it is our #1 request.

Some, perhaps all, of Rambus' management team are incompetent, greedy cheaters and liars. How many years did a group of us simply perceive them as nerds? But, they give the appearance that they're as crooked as the companies they sue.

And, if they're not, they don't give a rat's ass enough about their shareholders to get the word out. Maybe they'll peel off a 10 mil bonus for their Investor Relations department next for the "job well done".

For all these reasons, and those still undiscovered, the Rambus share price is .............

Free Fallin' by Tom Petty (1989)

Tom Petty -- Full Moon Fever

Thanks Rambus ... for absolutely nothing

Submitted by FinzToRite.

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