Monday, May 15, 2006

Rambus Inc., please don't pet the bears!

An excellent post by Drummer4491 on the Yahoo! Rambus board as Msg: 993733, part of which follows.

For a real settlement, we have to bite our lip and remember "when in ROME......." Having been a psychiatrist for almost thirty years, I may not know the market, but I know about the nature of the struggle to survive in this world. For those of you who talk of an olive branch or about having to work with these companies as customers, so let's be friends, I have a movie you should watch. It received excellent reviews this past year, although I have forgotten the name. It is about a man who lived amongst the bears in Alaska thinking he could understand them and make friends, or, at least, be accepted by them. He and his girlfriend were ripped to shreds and eaten by one of his new friends.

For how long do you have to be under relentless, vicious, murderess attack to realize that making friends with the adversary is not in the cards. NO. It is abundently clear, we must defeat them once and for all on their own terms. Complete and total victory in the court system until everyone is lying before us in total captitulation, groveling for forgiveness (with total insincerity), noone left with the strength to appeal. Then (and this goes against my every fiber), we must choose one and cut their throat for all to see. No license. None. Ever. At any price. And let their cohorts watch them bleed to death. Only then will we have the victory necessary to own the world of technological interface.

And for those of you who feel that is no way to make friends, why don't you go try to pet a bear.
Hat tip to Jim of the Pinehurst Thread for the link.

Hat tip to Drummer. My nomination for post of the month.

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Anonymous said...

YES !! A thousand times YES.

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