Thursday, May 11, 2006

Harold Hughes - the letter he should send

Dear Mr. Dowd:

Kindly accept my apology. My response to your thoughtful and heartfelt question during the Rambus, Inc. annual shareholder meeting was inappropriate. I acknowledge that you had a valid question. I do respect the right that you as a shareholder have to ask and the obligation of Rambus management, myself in particular, to politely respond.

I remain passionate in my belief that the Equity Incentive program developed and recommended by the compensation committee is a critical element in hiring and retaining the best. However, I do acknowledge that individuals with the same goal, may disagree.

I thank you for your investment and interest in Rambus, Inc. and I look forward to seeing you next year at the annual meeting.

Respectfully yours,

Rambus, Inc.

1 comment:

Empiricum said...

Will John Dowd allow me to respond on his behalf? Or will he ask Maureen to do it for him?

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