Friday, April 21, 2006

So your week wasn't good . . .

The Hynix jury got you down? The market manipulators shrinking your retirement plans? I came across a blog of somebody not having a good time . . .

today was one of those very fucked up days.i don't know.maybe it's just me being a sensitive,pmsing bitch..or maybe there's more to it than just that.i'm human too you know..
Sometimes misery just likes company. If that is you, read the quintessential.

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Empiricum said...

The REUTERS' update on this news has quoted Hynix lead counsel Dan Furniss that he will continue his fight claiming that Rambus patents are "unenforceable because they were anti-competitive."

Now, now, now Furniss... firstly, read and re-read McGuire's FTC ID again. Secondly, are you relitigating the CA law on anti-competition, monopoly again? Thirdly, and most importantly, is not "anti-competitive" more of an economic argument than LEGAL?

You being a patent litigation attorney, I am sure that you are ware that patents ARE, BY THEIR NATURE, "ANTI-COMPETITIVE" in economic effect AND EXCLUSIVE in nature under property law? Where did you obtain your law degree? Harvard? Like Snoopy Gonzales and Josh.... what's his last name?!

Obviously, Mr. Furniss, you are again grasping straws! Do you have any legal arguments for an appeal? Lay them down on the table. I am waiting!

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