Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Rambus Inc. CEO / CFO interviewed

Suzanne Deffree, writing for Electronic News (4/3/06) interviewed Rambus CEO and acting CFO Harold Hughes. Mr. Hughes, was humorous, thoughtful and pragmatic. Ms. Defree's interview of Mr. Hughes is linked here.

. . . but the IP business has many participants and the people who should be licensing IP often times don’t want to and often times are pretty successful in characterizing us as not quite the devil, but certainly on a first name basis with the devil.

When you start thinking about writing laws that differentiate one from the other (those who manufucture and those who do not), I have a great deal of anxiety that what is going to come out is not going to be something you’d want to show small children.

I spend half of my life with attorneys.

If you thought you would pay for the other side’s legal costs, you might be more reluctant to bring a case for five stinkin’ years.

I do believe you can convert someone in the courtroom into an ally. We have a good and growing relationship with Infineon. We had a bitter court fight, it’s over, and we’re being big boys and girls and figuring out how we can work together effectively.
Hat tip to Mr. Hughes & the Rambus Inc. PR team. Good well done . . .

Hat tip to Joe of the Pinehurst Thread for the link.

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