Saturday, April 01, 2006

Mr. Frog

Rambus Inc. inspires message boards, both public and private. Email threads where members share all things Rambus and some not so Rambus. There are websites dedicated to telling the Rambus story, updated with current docket sheets, court filings, news articles. There are the Ramboids who attend court proceedings and share (some for a fee) their view of the happenings. There are maps (frapprs). There is the two-headed guru granddaddy of Ramboids - Fred Hager and Rick Currin. There is a community, yes a culture, of Rambus investors (and bashers) unique in the investment world.

And there is Mr. Frog or Croaker Frog, a LTL (longterm long for you tadpoles) who has a blog:

It's a forum dedicated to that briefcase-totin' whiner that haunts the Yahoo! Rambus Message Board.
Mr. Frog, he is entertaining, some say "insightful". I am gonna miss him when Rambus Inc., becomes just a money-making machine.

You may read Mr. Frog's blog linked here.

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Anonymous said...

hey Abraham Sofaer bought his first shares. amazing, isn't it?

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