Thursday, April 13, 2006

Judge Payne punts Alberta Telecommunications Research Centre to Judge Whyte

Rambus Inc.'s Motion To Transfer Alberta's action to the Northern District of California was granted (4/12/06).

Alberta's alleges that two patents of Rambus infringe on one of Alberta's patents. Alberta wants Rambus to disgorge profits from royalties, pay damages not less than a reasonable royalty, prejudgment interest, attorney fees and an injunction prohibiting Rambus from further licensing the disputed patents.

In short, Judge Payne's Memorandum Opinion finds that Rambus has met its burden in demonstrating that a transfer of venue is warranted.

Notable quote: Indeed, by pressing, in this Court, a claim with so very little connection to the forum and by relying on a decision (the Samsung decision) that is not at all apposite to the fact situation here, it appears that Alberta is engaged in forum manipulation.

Hat tip to Mrs. FinzToRite.

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empiricum said...

"forum manipulation"? That's it? Just like that and Payne punted Alberta to Judge Whyte? He did not sanction Alberta's counsel?

Isn't this more like taking advantage, inappropriately, of Payne's unmitigated bias and prejudice against Rambus, Inc., shown in the IFX case than "forum manipulation"?

This is not the first time that a Rambus, Inc., opponent tried to manipulate the judicial system courtesy of Judge Payne's widely perceived bias and prejudice against Rambus, Inc.. Micron Tech also tried it but Judge Kent Jordan said "NO!" but for a different reason.

I wonder if Judge Payne's conscience is ever bothered by this negative perception of him. He should now resign!!!

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