Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Spring 2006 Intel Developer Forum & Rambus

Starting today and running through March 9th (2006) Rambus will be holding down booth #609 at the IDF in the Moscone Cenvention Center in San Francisco. On display will be:

Rambus' XDR(TM) DRAM devices along with an example of the first product implementation of XDR DRAM, a Cell processor-based blade server from Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. using 1 gigabyte of XDR DRAM. The Mercury Dual Cell-Based Blade features two IBM Cell BE (Broadband Engine) processors directly mounted on the board and XDR memory. Scalable to seven blades in a 7U configuration, the Dual Cell-Based Blade is expected to provide up to 2.8 teraFLOPS of processing performance in a 7U form factor, and up to 16 teraFLOPS in a
six-foot rack.

-- Rambus' DDR technology performing memory transactions to and from a DDR2 device operating at 800Mbps (400MHz clock).

-- Rambus' PCI Express* PHY and Digital Controller Core.

-- Rambus customer PLX Technology will demonstrate their PCI Express Switch PEX 8518 running video through a PCI Express based graphics card.

*PCI Express is a trademark of PCI-SIG.

Hat tip to Rambus PR for the multiple new releases.

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