Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Media interest for MU's woes grow

Electronic News shown its light on Micron's troubles yesterday (3/6/06) continuing the increasing interest in Micron's self-inflicted troubles.

Electronic News reminded its readers that last month a class action lawsuit was filed against MU and reports that last week another class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of shareholders (2/24/01 - 2/13/03) - this missile was launched by Schiffrin and Barroway, LLP, a Pennsylvania firm that specializes in investor-related class action lawsuits. The latest suit claims that senior management failed to disclose and misrepresented that the company allegedly engaged in illegal anti-competitive behavior. (Shareholders want to know of the these things.) Also, MU insiders sold a 132,000 shares.

Read the Electronic News article here.

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