Thursday, March 16, 2006

Judge Whyte accepts RMBS v MU DDR2 case


Motion for Administrative Relief to Consider Whether Cases Should be Related or a Sua Sponte Judicial Referral for Purpose of Determining Relationship (Civil L.R. 3-12) has been filed. The time for filing an opposition or statement of support has passed. As the judge assigned to the earliest filed case below that bears my initials, I find that the more recently filed case(s) that I have initialed below are related to the case assigned to me, and such case(s) shall be reassigned to me. Any cases listed below that are not related to the case assigned to me are referred to the judge assigned to the next-earliest filed case for a related case determination.

C00-20905 RMW Hynix Semiconductor Inc. Et al v. Rambus Inc.
C 06-00244 WHA Rambus Inc v. Micron Technology Inc. Et al

Thanks to Docrew at iHUB.

Head over to iHUB to read more, including the order linked here.


Docrew said...

Thanks for the iHub plug. What a sense of community we have across the boards! Your long-term commitment here at is truly one of the anchors for us all.


Anonymous said...

Coming from the legal correctness that is Rambus's and adding the huge #'s of truly caring members of the Treowth, and iHub as well as others is such a "Positive". It is all truly exhilating!!! My sincere thanks to you DOCREW, and of course to the "GOOD DONKEY".

Barbara Ann

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