Wednesday, March 29, 2006

How much has Judge Payne cost Rambus Inc. shareholders?

The market rewarded Rambus Inc. today by increasing its capitalization over $350,000,000 on a day of news that one federal judge enjoined Micron Technology, Inc. from proceeding against Rambus in the courtroom of another federal judge. Judge Payne, the now caseless judge, has repeatedly ruled against Rambus over the years.

The market may have expressed its opinion as to the value of avoiding "justice" as determined by Judge Payne. Yes, Rambus saved some attorneys' fees . . . but 350,000,000?

Daily Stock Quote Notification (3/29/06)
Rambus Inc. (RMBS - NASD)
Closing Price $ 39.81
Opening Price $ 37.76
Previous Close $ 38.06

Change 1.75

Last Trade Mar 29 4:16PM
Volume 5,559,300
Day Low $ 37.21
Day High $ 40.00

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