Monday, February 06, 2006

Hager Effect

Fred Hager, Grand Emperor of Rambushire by night and investment guru by day, provided his subscribers with a State of Rambus update over the weekend.

The Ramboids and their well-heeled friends told Wall Street that they felt Rambus continues to be a good investment, sending Rambus up over 5% in early hours of trading today (2/6/06) while the NASDAQ was down.

Long Live Fred!


Empiricum said...

"Grand EMPeror of RAMBUSHIRE"?
hmmmm... Did Fred depose me overnight? That's attempted assassination!!! HA! What do you think, Jester?

jester said...

This may be a palace coup-d'etat. Detain Any Donkey for questioning, whilst I send in the shire's ninja. Our person of intrest even CAPITALIZED the title, for the second day in a row! Hummmmm ...
The games afoot!

Empiricum said...


Ninjas.... dismount! Check the barnyard. No oat meal deliveries today whilst the search is on. Arrest the imposter! hmmmm

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