Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hager on Rambus

Ramboids read Hager Technology Research/CurrinResearch Weekly Updates like a weight watcher reads labels. Every word is read and re-read and then compared with years of Hager updates to determine if the Grand Emperor of Rambushire has wavered in his faith in Rambus.

Updates which include estimates of earnings after settlement, judgment or Act of God have Ramboids reaching for calculators or heading for Hager's site to plug numbers into the "Wealth Calculator."

Upbeat updates result in nightmares cast in Judge Payne's courtroom, margin calls, option busts and family reunions dissolving and visions of vindication, world travel and retirement dancing in the heads of Ramboids.

This weekend Ramboids clicking on their in-boxes found a Rambus update- Investors Anxious for Rambus Follow Through. The Ramboids got what they wanted from Hager - estimates of earnings per share to come, the bottom line. They received reassurance and they sat at their computers and buzzed.

Delightfully to AnyDonkey, were comments about insiders sales.

Given the inherent uncertainty of unresolved litigation, management would do well 'for shareholders' to temper this practice (management's unrelenting habit of exercising options and selling shares).

There is no question that the recent insider selling has taken a toll on sentiment if your emails to us are any indication. Fundamentally, we are not that concerned with the sales but we have expressed our view that sales do not 'display confidence'.

There you have it.

If you want more, including numbers and reassurance, you will need to subscribe or find somebody to share with you. Here is a link to Hager's site.

Long Live Fred.

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