Thursday, February 02, 2006

From Donkey's Mailbag

First email:

This stock can't seem to hold any rally. I'm troubled.

Second email:

A discussion centered on whether you are asking for a possible DSM IIIR diagnosis of any potential mental health condition you are reporting cannot be done in all good conscious without a proper mental health examination.

May I direct you to a local battered persons of Rambus shelter where local authorities can instruct you to "STAY AWAY FROM THE OPTIONS BUTTON" until they properly assess your condition.

I greatly suspect that upon entering the shelter please do not greet the professionals there by indicating you are **** (author of first email removed due to HIPPA regulations).

They may misdirect you to the shelter for Turrets Syndrome. Also please do not shout out anything like, "GREEDY RAMBUS OPTIONS PIGS" or "ELAU BAD ELAU BAD."

This just may confuse them further....

Good luck with your assessment and I hope you find out what's really "troubling you."


Hat tip to the author of Second email for supporting a fellow Ramboid in his/her time of need.

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