Friday, February 03, 2006

Friday quote

"What the American people have seen is this incredible disparity in which those people who had cars and money got out and those people who were impoverished drowned." -- Senator Ted Kennedy, on Hurricane Katrina

"Ditto!" -- Mary Jo Kopechne

Ted Kennedy's submarine may be viewed here.


Any Donkey said...


Empiricum said...

I wanted to laugh but I find the main subject matter, Katrina, not laughable. The Mary Jo tragedy is a thing of the past and Kennedy has dearly paid for it. It cost him the presidency!

What is laughable, if not contemptuous, of Kennedy is his criticism of Alito's CAP membership while hiding his own All Men Club membership. That is hypocrisy pure and simple!

Sometimes politicians just don't know when to shut up and when to rise up. This also applies to Harry Reid and Bill and Hillary Clinton. In the case of Reid, he criticizes today and apoligizes tomorrow. What kind of "leadership" is that?! And that happened not once but twice, if not three times. In the case of Bill Clinton, he should just enjoy his retirement.

In the case of the Democratic Party in general, if they cannot present a unified voice echoed by a true leader of national stature heading toward the 2008 presidential election, this country will be in an irreversible mess as Bush wants more money for his 1% friends and continues to adopt the same agenda... right in the noses of these democrats!

There is a growing noticeable shift in international alliances and anti-american sentiments around the world have never been more palpable than today and the democrats have no united voice to change the course of this very dangerous shift. After Palestine, will Pakistan be next?

Back to Katrina, if Mayor Nagin has any sense of self-esteem left, he should not even put his name in the ballot box again. And this equally applies to Gov. Blanco!

empiricum said...

Did I forget Sen. Mary Landrieu? Almost! Li'l Mary was not so meek like a lamb after Katrina struck. She will long be remembered as the "Fighting Mary" who threatened to deliver a cajun "punch" on George. And she meant it "literally."

Not coming to her defense but I think she was venting her frustration not only due to the inaction of the federal government in the aftermath of Katrina but more probably so because CNN's ANDERSON COOPER of 360 fame blasted Mary for her profuse and lavish praise and expressions of gratitude to Washington politicians, all of which were rightfully questioned by Anderson whom I proudly nominate as The Journalist of the Year.

As for George W. Bush, he was in San Diego making a pitch for his much-maligned Social Security and Medicare agenda and did not immediately act or react in the wake of Katrina which is reminiscent of 9/11 when he was in a Florida classroom as the Twin Towers came tumbling down... images that are now frozen in time within our memory banks.

Of course, I have already said my piece about a man named Michael Brown. Surprisingly, he is not yet sued.

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