Thursday, January 05, 2006

Rambus press release

The official Rambus press release:

Rambus Wins First Phase of Hynix Trial
Judge rejects motion to dismiss; patent trial to proceed

LOS ALTOS, California, United States - 1/5/2006

Rambus Inc. (Nasdaq:RMBS) today announced that the judge in the patent infringement matter with Hynix Semiconductor has denied Hynix’s request to dismiss Rambus’ case based on unclean hands and document spoliation following a two-week evidentiary hearing. Among other things in the ruling, the Honorable Ronald Whyte held, “the court concludes that Rambus did not engage in unlawful spoliation of evidence.”

In a 42-page ruling, Judge Whyte determined that Rambus should be allowed to argue the merits of its patent infringement position against Hynix for SDRAM, DDR and DDR2 SDRAM memory products. The date for that trial has been set for March 6, 2006.
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